Afroway: Soul From The East:

  • Afroway, our flagship brand, offers uniquely curated entertainment news content on Africans and other Afro-cultures, by promoting an ‘indigos’ culture, art and what we define as good music from African music, jazz, soul and Hip Hop, exclusive interviews with those we consider custodians of art and tech, and special features on indie-music and artists, also stories on business-tech.


Afroway Marketplace:

  • Our aim is to creating amazing retail spaces, our store offer various products that define the Indigos Culture. We have you covered on magazines, gadgets, apparel, art collections and much more..


Creative Masterminds

  • We partnered with one of the forward-looking law firm in Kenya Ong’anya Ombo Advocates to create a Legal Knowledge Program that aims at diversifying & enhancing revenue streams for artists: The purpose of the program named ‘Creative Masterminds,’ is to enhance the knowledge of various rights belonging to specific group of music artists, which will hopefully help them generate more revenue through or in line with their art.

  • This program provides selected pro bono services to a specific group of independent artists in Africa, North America, the United Kingdom and parts of the European Union.

  • Ong’anya Ombo Advpocates is a law firm specializing in Media, Entertainment, Fashion and Intellectual Property Rights