Spirited Remix: Nonini & Mtemi Unveil the ‘Keroro’ Revival, Intoxicating the Airwaves with Perfectly Blended Musical Magic

In a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation, Kenyan music sensation Nonini made his triumphant return to the scene, accompanied by a new rising star, Mtemi. Their collaboration promises to cement genge’s place in music history as more than just a fleeting phenomenon. “Keroro” (The Remix) featuring Mtemi is poised to unleash an infectious storm that would grip the world.

The iconic track “Keroro” a track etched into the hearts of many Kenyans, has now gotten a fresh makeover. Nonini and Mtemi have pooled their talents, creating a masterpiece that bridges the generational gap while celebrating Kenya’s vibrant musical culture. The infectious rhythm has received a modern twist from Mtemi’s swag, while Nonini’s unique touch preserves the track’s original magic.


The remix is accompanied with a high-budget music video, a true visual spectacle. Directed by the talented duo of American Director Hussein Njoroge and Kenyan Director Willie Owusu, the video features popular content creators shaping trends across various social media platforms. Nonini’s brainchild, Mgenge2Ru, provided a platform for diverse creators to collaborate, further cementing his influence as a trailblazer in the industry.

According to literature promoting the release, Nonini states that ‘Keroro’ remix is all about celebrating our culture in the most contagious way possible. “Get ready to see and hear ‘Keroro’ like you’ve never experienced before” Mtemi, the face of Generation Z, added

2023 has been monumental for Nonini. Not only was his brand soaring to new heights, but he had also emerged as an authority in copyright advocacy. His releases have dominated charts, streaming platforms, and radio stations for two decades. With each new song, he carved his legacy deeper into the industry’s foundation.

As the remix conquers the airwaves, Nonini plans to embark on a countrywide tour, igniting cities with the track’s energy.

Nonini is currently working on his upcoming studio album, a highly anticipated release that promises to push boundaries once again. And on the horizon, a grand homecoming Kenyan concert in December is already in the works.

Checkout the video here:

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