Profile: Richie Spice

Richie Spice is a Jamaican reggae singer and songwriter. He was born Richell Bonner in Rock Hall, St. Andrew, Jamaica, on September 8, 1971. He is the brother of Pliers, Spanner Banner and Snatcha Lion.

Spice began his music career in the early 1990s. He released his debut album, “Out of the Blue”, in 1996. The album was a success, and it helped to launch Spice’s career. He has since released seven more albums, including “Universal” (2000), “Gideon Boot” (2008), and “Together We Stand” (2020).

Spice is known for his positive messages and his commitment to social justice. His music often deals with issues such as poverty, violence, and crime. He is a Rastafarian, and his music often reflects his religious beliefs.

Spice is one of the most popular and successful reggae artists in the world. He has toured extensively throughout the world, and he has performed at major music festivals such as Reggae Sumfest and Sting. He has won numerous awards, including the MOBO Award for Best Reggae Act in 2010 and the BET Award for Best International Act: Reggae in 2017.

Spice is a talented artist with a positive message. He is a role model for young people and is an inspiration to many.

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