Conboi and Khaligraph Jones Team Up for Hard-Hitting Remix of “Till I Die”

Tanzanian rapper Conboi and Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones have teamed up for a hard-hitting remix of Conboi’s hit single “Till I Die.” The new track is a trap-inspired banger that is sure to get your blood pumping.

The song starts with a booming 808 beat, which is soon joined by Khaligraph’s aggressive bars. Khaligraph raps about his hustle and grind, and how he is determined to succeed no matter what. Conboi then comes in with a catchy hook that is sure to get stuck in your head. The two rappers trade verses, and the song builds to a powerful climax.

“Till I Die (Remix)” is a song about never giving up on your dreams. Conboi and Khaligraph both rap about their own struggles and how they overcame them to achieve success. The song is an inspiration to anyone who is trying to achieve their goals, and it is a reminder that anything is possible if you never give up.

The song’s music video is just as energetic and inspiring as the song itself. The video features Conboi and Khaligraph rapping in front of a backdrop of skyscrapers and city lights. The video is a visual representation of the song’s message of never giving up on your dreams, no matter how big they may seem.

“Till I Die (Remix)” is a powerful and inspiring song that will motivate you to never give up on your dreams. The song is a must-listen for anyone who is looking for a song to help them stay motivated.

Checkout the video below:

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