WhatsApp’s Latest Updates Bring More Fun and Functionality with ‘Keep in Chat’ and Sticker Maker Tool

WhatsApp has recently introduced two new features for its users: ‘Keep in Chat’ for Disappearing Messages and a Sticker Maker Tool for iOS.

The ‘Keep in Chat’ feature allows users to choose specific disappearing messages in a chat and prevent them from being deleted automatically after seven days. Users can now choose to keep important messages or media files that they want to refer back to at a later time. To use this feature, users need to long-press on the message they want to keep and tap on the ‘Keep’ option that appears.

The Sticker Maker Tool for iOS allows users to create custom stickers and add them to WhatsApp. Users can use their own photos or drawings to create stickers, and the tool offers various editing options such as cropping, resizing, and adding text. Once the stickers are created, users can add them to their chats and share them with friends and family.

These features are currently only available for iOS users, but it is likely that they will be rolled out for Android users in the near future. WhatsApp continues to add new features and improve the user experience for its over 2 billion users worldwide.