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Harry Richie Of The Vaida Sensation Releases New Song “Confirm”

Following his highly successful release Vaida, Kenyan singer, songwriter, and poet Harry Richie returns with the new video from his single Confirm.

The latest release is love-themed, where the singer showers the love of his life with praise, promising to give her the finer things and a life full of all comfort. The song is anchored on western Kenya sounds, rooted in heavy percussions and finger-plucked guitar emboldening the music from the Luhya people of Western Kenya.

Harry Richie has been around in the music space in Kenya for over a decade. He has done several secular and gospel songs and also released several spokenword poetry done mainly in his Luhya dialect. 

The artist, born Harrison Onduyi and performs alongside his Anyore Roots Band, has three albums to his name and is steadily gaining traction as an undisputable pop artist in Kenya. In September this year, the artist told The Daily NationOne of Kenya’s top publications, that the success of his Vaida release has sparked a desire to release more music and true to his word, here comes, Confirm.

Speaking to another publication, Tuko, his manager Joseck Asikoye, in praise of the artist, said the singer’s humility is one of the character traits that will take him to places both Kenya and globally. Asikoye is one of the band members of the iconic Jabali Afrika Band; he founded the group alongside his brother Justo Asikoye and 5 others, the band released around 6 albums and is behind hit songs such as “Njelele,” “Ingombe” and “Aoko.” Their music featured a varied mix of African music styles.

If Harry Richie’s music past is anything to go by, the artist is a sure cocktail of music genres and styles. Under the guidance of the likes of Asikoye, he, taking a cue from his manager, might just become the next most significant act out of Kenya.

Confirm is produced by Clinton Japheth JB Studios, and the video is directed by Dennis Machio.

Check out the video below:

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