Uhuru Maliza Uende: Willie Oeba Releases Visuals For One Of His Most Powerful Protest Pieces Yet

Kenyan Artist Willie Oeba recently released visuals for his solo “Uhuru Maliza Uende”, a piece condemning bad governance and leadership in Kenya and encouraging Kenyans to think deeply before casting their votes in the coming elections.

The daring poem directed towards the current leadership, reveals the feelings of the many in a country reeling with huge debt and rising cost of living, while the leadership seems vested in their own interests and offering little but empty promises and unseen achievements. The poet says, the PR in president stands for public relations since the president has taken it as a ‘side hustle’ to defend his style of leadership.

In as much as the poem appears as a direct attack on the current president, the poem’s intent is to showcase the shadowy mafia that seem to run Kenya. The government leaders vested with responsibilities to work for the public but are busy filling their pockets with stolen public funds and abuse government resources.

The laxity of Kenyan institutions to work has created untold problems in all key government sectors; from health where the ‘middle class is one disease away from poverty’ to agriculture and security. To make the matters worse, no one can be held accountable because ‘the president is talented in the art of the contempt of court.”

The poet renders a piece that ought to be listened to keenly to get the gist of what ails Kenya and at the same time grasp the wisdom on how to make wise decisions during elections. He satirizes the leadership but the real pain falls on the listener and the hypocrite who still believes in the lies espoused by the leaders.

Oeba is a Kenya poet who has steadily risen to fame as a defender of public rights and an entertainer. His previous powerful pieces include “Dear Mr. President,” “Dear God” and “Dear Dad.”

You can view the video here:

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