Solis Shares New Single ‘ANGEL’

Out of Lagos comes an impressive singer with a regal voice and simple yet elegant vibes. Solis as the name reads in Spanish shines a unique kind of light on the country’s music industry and the African concept.

The young singer first made an impression when she featured on Odunsi’s ‘Hectic’ single, where her vocals dominated the well-executed project, which was part of Odunsi’s ‘Rare’ album release. The Nigerian singer writes her own story with captivating vocal technics, supple vibratos, and leaning innuendos in her writing with a warmth of equal gentleness.

Solis’s previous notable works such as ‘Watch Me’ & ‘My Love Letter To You’ have revealed her as a musical force, her lulling lyrics offer some kind of completeness, just a few seconds into her song, you feel as if she’s speaking to your soul, touchy with each wave she offers some kind off accustomed experiences in comparison but with exclusive traits on the side.

Solis latest piece produced by Gosha offers a world of wavy, patently warm soulful grooves into the love world. ‘Angel’ has the singer express her desires on track staged with a resonant theme all over; ‘Break me, mould me to your design/ I wanna be the one you tell your secrets to/ Baby boy, let those demons loose/ she offers her angelic grace to her lover. The singer paints her sprite vocals over impressive instrumentals offering a kind of cover onto a mordant-textured track.

Check out ‘Angel’ below

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