Ivan Irakoze Records New Album In Live Soul Session

Dubbed ‘US’ the album will include Ivan’s overtures in interactive storytelling poems and mellow tunes from guitarist Louis Abuga and Pianist Erhard Sifa. The album also features a special appearance by vocalist cum guitarist Iminza.

Ivan Irakoze has been on the forefront in the promotion of spoken word poetry in Kenya for several years now. Navigating the field as an event organizer and poet, the Burundian born performer in his tri-annual ‘Soul Sessions’ recorded a live interactive session album under the title at the Michael Joseph Centre in Nairobi.

The event, which took place on September 7, would see Ivan engage the audience in an epic story of love. Normally, Ivan begins a story but the audience decides on how the events within the story unfold. However, the story is guided by two options given by the narrator.

The poet and love are entangled in a mysterious relationship that only comes real through his poetic creations. His art is deeply sharpened by the cupid’s arrow and nourished by Eros and also blessed by Venus. He espouses desire in the most intimate ways and creates a nirvana of modern day love.

In this respect, Ivan is most often followed by a group of intimate enthusiasts who rejoice in his exploits on the stage and respond in kind with their own stories. It is such an intimate assembly that would see the birth of ‘Us’ and contribute in the journey towards realizing what Ivan called millennial love.

Ivan is optimistic that the album, produced by C-mony, would be out in a month’s time. Those who attended the Saturday 7th event would be among the first to receive it. Us comes a year after Ivan released his debut EP christened ‘Real.’

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