Hiba Elgizouli

Hiba Elgizouli & Her Sisters’ Music Gives Unique Perspective To African Sophistication

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I first got a taste of their music around late 2018, the artists impressed with the first beat drop. In many ways their music is all about expression of power, purpose, simplicity, and boundless creativity inspired by imagination.

Hiba’s soulful vocals offer a satisfying musical experience, she’s young with a special gift; the singer based in the Sudan’s capital Khartoum is an artist whose musical concepts offer an international breadth with abundance in culture and self-awareness.

The Elgizouli Sisters’ music brings an uplifting experience with inhibited possibilities, the family’s music is current, a fusion of traditional Sudanese music and retro-fitted with western influences creating that exceptional warm urban sound.

‘Bidaya’ is the sisters’ latest project, a collaborative release with ElmastabaTV, the song sees Hiba’s voice bristle with confidence, bringing life to the just over 4-min track which offers a certain level of purity and touchy human experiences; a story about communities in Sudan and the world by extension.

Check out the song ‘Bidaya’ and their previous release ‘Rival’ below:

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