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THE ECLECTICS: We Feature Dusty Donuts Latest Breathtaking Releases

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After a while, well months on, the German-based label has furnished our ears with two new joints, donuts to serve our music egos, and an unending need for pleasures. The two donuts have been released as part of the Berlin-based label’s 5th-anniversary celebrations, which start in October.

The two tracks are Native Tongues & Westcoast themed; “Just A Touch Of Faith’ and ‘Bonita In My life’. The A Side of Dusty Donuts 16 holds the NMX and Marc Hype’s ‘Just A Touch Of Faith’ a re-fresh of Slave’s massive hit, Side B packs NMX and Doc Flex flavours on ‘Bonita In MY Life’ a re-funk of RAMP’s funked up tune ‘Daylight’ and sampled by A Tribe Called Quest on the ‘Bonita Applebum’.

DD16 ‘Just A Touch Of Faith’ re-dusted from Slave’s ‘Just A Touch Of Love’

‘Bonita In MY Life’ re-dusted from RAMP’s ‘Daylight’

The Dusty Donuts also released two more gems off the DD17 series which comes out next month, this time Doc Flex & NMX Gangsta Mix get on ‘I Get Juiced’ sampling George McCrae’s ‘I Get Lifted’, This is followed on the B-Side by the equally gorgeous edit ‘How We Do The Show’ fetching from the classic Evelyn Champagne King’s ‘The show is over’ released in 1977.

DD17 ‘I Get Juiced’ Sampling George McCrae’s ‘I Get Lifted’

DD17 ‘How We Do The Show’ re-dusted from Evelyn Champagne King’s ‘The show is over’


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