Snoh Aalegra

Snoh Aalegra’s Godly Single ‘SITUATIONSHIP’ Is Nothing But Blissful

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What would happen if you had that song with a vibe so awesome that you would taste the heavens just by listening to it? Well, this is the experience, this Persian-Swedish singer’s sound lifts you up to, cozy, soulful soundscapes and longing supple vocals.

Aalegra vocals project warmth, depth, and opulence with that unique uncluttered production, she was brought to our attention a little over two years ago with her album ‘Feels’ she has now followed up with ‘Ugh, those feels again’ a project she released this year. She is an artist of repute and soulful novelty.

We feature her song ‘Situationship’ titled awkwardly in all grammatical sense but in all sense speaking to most of our experiences.

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