Michael Soi exhibition seeks to save cash-strapped popular Kenyan art center

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At one of Kenya’s reputable art hub; the Kuona Trust, renowned Kenyan artist Micheal Soi has been exhibiting and selling some of his artworks with the aim of raising funds to help fund the controversy ridden Kuona Trust art space in Nairobi.

Soi an Alumnus of Kuona, has pledged to donate half of the proceeds from the exhibition to the to the largest Art workshop in Kenya. Kuona houses workshops for training, residences and also exhibition and sales of artworks. Last year, the Art Center suffered a setback when its directors were suspended for financial malpractices which left the organization cash strapped.

Soi’s work in the current exhibition, presents a body of work that plays on the goings on in the city with a skewed look into urban nights. He has a way of using bright colors to question what some would consider immoral, censuring the dark side of those in leadership, married or in religious positions. In one of the paintings, Soi brings out the curves the graceful neck and the full lips of a leader being guarded by police officials, she enjoys state protection.

It is such satire that sets Michael apart and the use of the abstract to isolate him from controversy. His works are a reflection of themes in the popular Kenyan book ‘Betrayal in the City’ by renowned author and playwright Francis Imbuga, he attempts to interrogate society of its ills while steering clear from controversy.

Michael Soi’s exhibition close on the 11th of February.

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