BMW unveils self-balancing next generation smart bike

The BMW Group has unveiled a series of concept vehicles to mark its 100th birthday, which include the new Motorrad Vision Next 100 motorcycle. According to BMW the bike will be incorporated with smart features which eliminate the need for a helmet and padded suit.

Motorrad Vision Next 100, which is equipped with zero emissions powertrain, has been designed with a self-balancing system, making it impossible to fall over. The self-balancing system anticipates what lies ahead and alerts the user when specific action is needed, an attempt at making accidents a thing of the past.

The bike also comes with “The Visor” a pair of glasses with the ability to cover wide field of vision and controlled by eye movements, the glasses then return feedback about the road conditions to the rider adjusting the ride experience depending on the riders driving style.

The overall design features a black frame triangle inspired by the company’s R32 motorcycle which was designed in 1923, balancing between new tech and analogue riding experience.

Though the bike might not be available on the road very soon the anticipation and wait is worth it.