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Dark Suburb release blazing new single “Hating”

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They would be classified as one of the most versatile alternative rock bands from Africa, their music rears a kind of vivid expression and some of the best genre fusion for that exemplary concoct of music. Ahead of their “The Start Looks Like The End” album launch, the Ghanaian group has unleashed a new single “Hating”.

Dark Suburb\’s new release fuses trap elements with convivial rumpus guitars bears a realization of robust rhythm structure. The  track was released together with the video. The single speaks of the amount of negativity that stalks our existence with an affirmation that we should put on a positive mindset.

The Ghanaian band features a five-man band whose masked members thrive in mystery while addressing the various issues affecting the society.

The mystic band’s “The Start Looks Like The End” available for pre-order here drops February 17.

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