Lutengano Mwakisopile

Profile: Meet Tanzanian Artist Lutengano Mwakisopile

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Lutengano Mwakisopile famously known as Lute is one of Tanzania’s most respected artists with quick wit and instantaneous flash paintings. Born in 1979, Lute who hails from the Highlands of Mbeya Tanzania, will like a lone traveller trudge the path of visual arts, he has so far made milestones having exhibited and had art residences in countries such as Denmark, USA, Italy, Canada, Norway, Kenya and Uganda.

Lute’s work is drawn from personal experiences, inspirations, aspirations, thoughts and memories as well as current happenings. He uses art to send messages on social, political and economic issues affecting society besides imparting moral lessons. His art aims at evoking dialogue on issues that beguiles the community around him. It is such art that has seen him work with numerous companies, NGOs, ministries, associations and book publishers.

Lute also doubles up as a textile designer, a craft he refined working at Nyumba ya Sanaa Arts and Crafts Centre working for a more than a decade before joining Nafasi Art Space, Centre for Contemporary Art in Dar es Salaam where he currently owns a studio. He also started an initiative called Wasanii Visual Arts Company.

Being among fast rising artists, Lute is Board Member of Nafasi Art Space, Board Member of Tanzania Federation of Crafts & Arts TAFCA, and Chairman of Fine Artists Association of Tanzania.

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