Samsung Note 7 burns: Company attributes fires to two battery faults

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As things were heating up at Samsung following the incidents of the Galaxy Note 7 catching fires, researchers at the South Korean firm have been working hard to try and figure out the cause of the ‘strange’ fires that forced Samsung to pull the phones from the market.

Now, after the investigations into the fires have concluded, it has been officially reported that all that heat was because of two faults in the phone’s battery: The Company says the first flaw was due to the design, original batteries had small casings and the electrode assembly would not sit well resulting in short-circuiting. The other fault had something to do with the use of the second battery supplier; they came with welding defects making them prone to short-circuiting.

According to the company, hundreds pf researchers tested 200,000 and 30,000 phones to arrive at the conclusion.

Samsung now has the task of ensuring their products are worth the customers’ penny and not a danger to them, even as it promises to improve on quality and new safety checks that will be overseen by external and internal experts.

The company plans to launch its flagship Galaxy S8 this year.

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