Damu The Fudgemunk

Damu the Fudgemunk releases instrumental concept album “Vignettes”

Picture an artist with specifically rare qualities, sort of a mysterious figurehead one you would want to get a dig into the man he is, informed by the lasting impact his music has on many a Hip Hop fans, he has managed to stay relevant without social media and zero record placements.

Damu the Fudgemunk-born Earl Davis is a revered Hip Hop musician who has been hailed for crafting out-of-this-world, mostly instrumental music, with an aptly delicate balance between jazz and soul samples. The producer, DJ, and record label owner has managed to maintain a solid fan base in a career that seems to swallow many artists thanks to his progressive and liberal approach to music with countless critically acclaimed bestselling instrumental albums.

The artist has unveiled his 2-hour Magnum Opus titled “Vignettes” in which he chooses to give listeners ‘an unfiltered front row performance into the heart, mind and soul of the man himself”.  The album is composed of 15 musical scenes each with their own unique settings weaved together to provide a harmonious universal message and left to their own interpretation.

“Vignettes is a true example of \’art imitating life. All the commentary/music is a collection of my personal experiences and those reflections applied to music to document an honest depiction of my current perspective on life and the world we share”. Damu says. The album is described as his most vulnerable piece of work to date.

For his fans, the producer hopes to challenge and inspire through a musical narrative, its content is open ended with the intention of provoking thinking, with an abstract perspective to welcome the attention of all.

\”If I were to name prominent musical influences on this particular album it would be 70\’s jazz fusion, 70\’s progressive rock, early electronic analog modular synth & experimental music, David Axelrod (on the song \”Openings\”), The Beastie Boys, Stereolab, Isaac Hayes, James Brown, Parliament Funkadelic, Peaking Lights, Chaz Bundick, Dungen and dozens of hip hop artists. In addition to the social message, I think all of these influences are extremely evident when playing the project in full and strike any listener with well seasoned diverse musical tastes. I\’m proud to have used various segments of artist\’s expressions to reiterate these beliefs. None of this could be possible without those influences. I made a sincere effort to capture integrity and maintain strong context of everything audible on Vignettes all the way to Redef’s album artwork and deluxe packaging items. I recommend to anyone playing the album, its best consumed in its entirety with undivided attention. The experience of Vignettes is similar to committing your attention span to a 2 hour movie. I approached it\’s composition like a director. It was composed, produced and recorded between Aug-Sep 2016” Damu States

In the whole instrumental album, MC Raw poetic features in the only vocal cut “Openings” which he also co-produced

Redefinition Records is giving the full uncut \”Vignettes\” album away free via streaming and download hoping to connect as much of the worldwide web to the album and available on classy 3LP packages, double cassettes and almost every other format, sold exclusively at Redefinition Records


1. Dial Up, Dial Down
2. The High Light Zone
3. Offering
4. Conviction
5. Get Lost to be Found (Inner Space)
6. Plea Jargon
7. Solitary Refinement
8. Openings featuring Raw Poetic
9. Grace Value (for Eddie) Assemblage for Mortal Eternity, I-VI
10. I, Remembrance
11. II, Awakening
12. III, Current
13. IV, Perpetual Purpose
14. V, The Verdict?
15. VI, Ascension to Earth

Damu is a solo artist and co-owner of Redefinition records. 2017 marks ten year milestone as solo artist. His solo debut came in 2007 on the album, Travel at Your Own Pace” by Y Society (Insight and Damu the Fudgemunk).  Damu has sold tens of thousands of records (predominantly vinyl).