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Moodo lets you control how your home smells from your phone

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For a project that is still under the crowdfunding stage of development, the prospects of Moodo will get you more excited about making sense of scent.

Picture an era where spray and candle fragrances don’t work or aren’t a thing on your budget anymore, a world where, by a tap on an app, the smell of your home changes with a mix of various rich fragrances, would you live in this world?

Agan Aroma, the makers of Moodo are bringing this experience to the new world, and this is how it works; Capsules that contain fragrances are loaded into a specially designed device, up to four interchangeable capsules can be used at the same time, providing a variety of up to “400,000 different scents”, so they say. Using a smartphone the user can then control the intensity of each scent and even save and share on the app.

Here is another thing, Moodo comes with four scent-scenes and pre-made scents crated by, guess who? “A leading French perfumer”, the creators say it has been designed with so much precision that whatever your choice of scent, they would not irk you or come off too strong.
Well with that level of customization, I guess we would be able-at least with our phones-to control the strongest of all senses.

Moodo is currently on Indiegogo looking for investors for it to begin production.

Source: IndieGoGo

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