Jovi drops video for “Mongshung”

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To stir up his fans ahead of his album release, multitalented artist and producer Jovi aka  ‘Mboko God’ has released a new stirring video for “Mongshung“, a single that was released earlier this year and is part of the Cameroonian artist’s upcoming album ’16 Wives’.

The new album release has drawn a lot of expectation from the country’s music industry with some touting it as a music game changer, especially from the New Belle Music man who has successfully crafted his own sound.

The multi skilled artist who goes by the producer pseudonym ‘Le Monstre’ is the brains behind the new and welcoming Mboko sound, a fusion of Cameroonian traditional and popular music with western pop & hip hop influences.

‘16 Wives’ is set for release later this year.

Check out the video directed by Ndukong here:

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