Internationally renowned act Ayub Ogada to perform in Nairobi

Kenyan legendary and internationally renowned artist Ayub Ogada, is due to perform in his home country in a while, in what is touted as a thriller live concert scheduled for Nairobi on December 11.

Ogada has been on a successful tour internationally playing at various venues and festivals including the Samsara Festival in Hungary, His “Kothbiro” hit was played at the 2016 Rio Olympics opening ceremony and also used as a soundtrack in “The Constant Gardener” movie.

The concert which is the second edition of the Prescription Series will feature other acts such as; Tetu Shani and Ciano Maimba who are among Kenya’s top live instrumental and vocal performers. They will be sharing the stage with top tier DJs and producers EA Wave, Donnaccia, Lucky, KECHI and Kid Tropicale from UK known for producing music from various genres under different aliases.

Unlike last year which saw Prescription series center on electronic music DJs, the 2016 show focuses on a mix of Kenya’s finest live musicians, producers and DJs with specifically tailored sounds.

The event taking place at one of Kenya’s hotspots The Alchemist Bar provides a unique experience featuring well tailored music incorporating live instruments, vocal performances and live DJ sets.

The Alchemist Bar located in Nairobi’s Westlands has in a period of one year proved to be one of Nairobi’s hotspots and managed to host various acts from Kenya and across the world such as: Blinky Bill, Mi Casa, Akua Naru, ThiboTazz, Makadem, Alisha Popat, Muthoni Drummer Queen and SARABI.