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Maître Gims unveils great dramatic video for “Tout Donner”

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Congolese born French rapper Maître Gims is a man of many skill-sets and surprises, a rapper whose vocal abilities when it comes to singing would make you doubt his rap talent, but the successful artist is an all-rounder.

The entrepreneur and former member of the hip hop group Sexion d\’Assaut recently put out the video for his single “Tout Donner” the video shot in the US is a display of incredible cinematic story telling that taps from the kind of Bonnie and Clyde moment. The storyline begins with a car chase as the police follow Maitre and his ‘Bonnie’, a chase that leads to Nevada, then to a Casino, then eventually the fugitive love birds get into a helicopter never to be caught by FBI.

Check the video below:

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