Art for peace: Kenya Cultural Week showcase in Paris

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The visual art phenomenon is slowly winning the hearts of many in the Kenyan cultural sphere and development. Not only is the craft being used for sentimental reasons but also to subliminally pass important cultural messages, right from global issues such as environmental conservation to human behavior.

This week in Paris, at the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural organization (UNESCO) Headquarters, Kenya held the 3rd Kenya Cultural Week, themed \”Driving Peace and Sustainable Development Through Culture\” The weeklong event saw Kenya showcase her best and rich cultures.

The exhibitions included a visual art display curated by Shine Tani, the art director of East Africa’s leading art spot, the Banana Hill Art Gallery, located in the outskirts of Nairobi. Tani showcased works from various artists with focus on the essence of culture, in spreading the message of peace and sustainability. The art work was from the likes of Kenyan artists; Patrick Kinuthia Andrew Kamandia and Sebastian Kiarie among others.

Tani’s exhibitions in Paris did not just send message of peaceful co-existence, but also acted as a campaign in support of conservation and bring out the social economic diversity of the country, rethinking and re-imagining a singular Kenyan cultural setup.

Other scheduled events include artistic performances, round tables and film screening, hinged on quest for peace, universality and cultural cohesion despite the diversity within the east African nation. The event brought to the fore efforts of the creative industry to end or prevent war and the tribal discord in Kenya.

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