Album review: RASH’s “Only A Few Survivors”

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When you get wind of an album launch, then you show up to attend the event and you are left thrilled by the performances, you get the feeling that however the album is, it’s going to be great. In Nairobi, one of Kenya’s main rock bands, RASH launched their debut album September 24 and as it were we expect a lot from any band’s introductory project.

“Only A Few Survivors” is a roguishly odd and equally exemplary album, it’s picturesque, one can certainly feel the artists efforts to achieve textured perfection, the solo, riffs, drums plus the bass generally great instruments and the vocals that transcends the corny.

The album travels through different worlds, satisfying specific needs; that wow effect and eclipsed funky-fun moments, for a band of five men, it is quite a definitive rock party. About to give verdict here…. Anyway. The 11-track album picks up with a sustaining valiant approach, on the opening track “Intro”-an odd name right there-the resounding but welcoming guitars set off the mood of the album with an occasional chant before the singing begins, with vocals that attempt to obscure the bass with a reverberating drum-line for that stirring experience.

The thrashing second track “Animal Man” offers the scorching atmosphere suspending you to that high and behold those Swahili lyrics, one gets the feeling that the band is out just to light up almost everything, the band’s lyrics are expressive throughout the entire album as the men sort of try to calm things down on “Msafiri” (Swahili word for traveler) don’t get it wrong here, the band does not leave anything out when it comes to electrifying, “Beer Party” is one of our favorites, it’s more of a song that would make you party while deep inside vowing to remain a fan of RASH, while paying homage to their skills, all rugged but cozy to the ear, just wait until the guitars strike the right cords with you.

“Dream Chaser” would be the ‘calmer’ single on the album, that easy rather off the heat track, the single has a great strong riffs and crusty harmonics thanks to Sam Warui, leading to the equally intense “Darkness and Witchcraft”. That moment for the perfect bass whirrs on “Usiku Mbaya” complimented by gushing drums. “Let It Be Rock” is sort of a bridge to “Pasala Bien” which is also our favorite pick, an almost stymieing drum skills, our vote to that most studded with an adrenaline-charged effect. This would be our most favorite if there’s something like that, the arrangements here define passion and repute for the band. “Night In The Rock Bar” and “Sons Of Robots” fold up the album and bring you to that ‘cool off’ and sip a drink moment no suspense or that cliché stuff.

RASH’s album compilation kind of saves the best for last or should we say scatters them all through, but that’s up to you to judge. Generally not much if not nothing, has been overdone by the band, the album has something for everyone, and a satisfying RASH experience for the hard-rock subgenre lovers.

“Only A Few Survivors” is a depiction of RASH’s passion and skills, the album would tell of a band that is not easy to box and outwardly daring. The band managed to put up a brilliant and well textured album concept, five among the few survivors.

Check out “Dream Chaser” off the new album

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