UberEats enters South Africa market

Uber Technologies will be rolling out its food delivery service UberEats to South Africa on Thursday, as it looks forward to expanding their services to the rest of Africa.

UberEats will begin its services in Johannesburg before getting into Gauteng and then Cape Town in 2017, Reuters reports.

The UberEats service currently operates in six countries and is looking to push its way into at least 22 more countries. The company will also be expanding its services into Amsterdam, Dubai and six other countries by end of the year.

Uber ride hailing service was launched in South Africa in 2013, since then the service has grown to over 4000 drivers in five major cities.

UberEats is an on-demand meal delivery service powered by the Uber App a product of Uber Technologies Inc., the online food ordering service partners with local restaurants in select cities, letting customers order using the Uber App in minutes.

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