Lady Jay Dee blesses us with “Sawa Na Wao”

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Tanzanian songbird Lady Jay Dee has been making good music for a while, an artist of notable repute, she has held her artistry with high regard not letting down her fans.

The singer has released a number of songs that have brought her some career highs, but as it were she is not the kind of artist who would rest easy and stare at her catalogue of releases with that reminiscing stare, she keeps putting out incredible gems for her ear.

The singer’s latest release “Sawa Na Wao” continues the progress in her character and style as an artist, her abilities to put together slushy love songs have not faded away, she tenderly addresses the topic of relationships, those inevitable temptations and betrayal. The rhumba juiced melody is tied on the guitar, the African touch makes the track livelier. The guitar tunes is the unmissable sound of Kenyan producer Polycarp Otieno Fancy Fingers from Sauti Sol Entertainment, a ROCKSTAR4000 release.

The video is a show of class and elegance, the video shows various scenes from people in love, betrayal, joy and sadness, the story is set between the club and home. The video was directed by Meji.

Check out the video here:

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