Pascal finally drops “Work Dey 3” album

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Pascal’s new album “Work Dey 3” released under the New Belle Music stable is proof that the angry is getting even hungrier as a relentless rapper.

The new album features acts hailing from Cameroon, Togo, Gabon, and Congo (Brazaville) read the revered Freddy Massamba. According to promo literature, the album Pascal shows off his “lyrical deftness, deep subject matter, multilingual rhyming and instinctual sense of rhyme and flow”.

The record features tracks that were released earlier and other new gems produced by the creative Le Monstre. The Cameroonian rapper is known for his lyrical content that features subject matter that relates to personal experience, ranging from; hardships, joy, and success.

The tracklist is as follows:

1.    Go
2.    I No Kam Fine (Ft. Lor)
3.    Homework
4.    Lomé-Yaoundé (feat. KanAa)
5.    Mafor
6.    Kana Kana
7.    Miss Dem
8.    King Don Kam
9.    Makero (Ft. Lovi & Reniss)
10.    Douala-Brazzaville (feat. Freddy Massamba)
11.    No Waiting
12.    Going Out

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