Starred: We feature Tanzanian soul singer Topher Jaxx

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Tanzania is home to unmatched talent, equally a hub of amazing music and musicians with a greater impact on the African continent and beyond. As a music lover, it’s kind of easy to detect sounds and genres from the east African nation, which makes it sort of ‘comfortable’ until something unique about a particular piece of music or artist unsettles your taste, that soul in an artist’s compositions.

Topher Jaxx is an artist that will have you craving for more of their craft. Not much is known of him, at least to the rest of this gifted continent, but once you give his music a listen his spry and raspy vocals will have you mystified by the glorious soul he holds.

He kind of comes off with a hint of Bilal, but with a distinct ring to his own personality, anchoring his music on that traditional soul with bluesy arrangements at most times striking the right notes musically and with the audience. His music is scenic, characterized by riffs that are a constellation of amazing styles and sounds, so poignant and aptly rich in adulation to his vocal abilities.

The singer and songwriter were born and raised in Dar-Es-Salaam, he describes his work as original and timeless. The 21-year-old began his music career last year by featuring in the international music competition dubbed Airtel Trace Star, coming out fourth, then swiftly working with artists such as Brian Simba and Mic Lon. Topher has also produced stunning covers of music by the likes of UK acts Adele, Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran making him a sensation to those of equal music tastes.

Jaxx, born Christopher Dominic Kihwele, has been making waves all around Dar Es Salaam with various performances illustrating his musical abilities to the delight of his growing fan base. At his young age, the gifted artist has released his new original work, “I Want You” currently on MKito iTunes CDBaby Amazon and on other platforms. The single is a love ballad, which has him crooning of how much he wants the love of his soul.

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