Starred: Brymo & his latest album ‘Klĭtôrĭs’ plus new video for “Alajọ Ṣomolu”

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There’s that music you hear and then there is that music you actually listen to, it mostly depends on the artist. Brymo, born Olawale Ashimi is one of those artists whose music braids the aesthetics of sound and the elaborate classic musical arrangements that breed tradition and pure simplicity in a remarkable way.

He made his debut in 2008 and has remained consistent and committed to his music, qualities that have earned him a huge following beyond Nigeria, where he hails from.

Brymo’s first album ‘Brymestone’ was a unique album in many aspects, compared to other popular music from the western African nation, it was well-received earning him a record deal with Chocolate City, one of Nigeria’s major record labels, and he followed up his release with the 2012 album ‘#TheSonOfaKapenta’ under Chocolate City, but ‘dealing’ would not appeal to their relationship so he chose to venture into independent music. Not a bad choice, things seem to be working out great for the young artist.

‘Merchants, Dealers & Slaves (MD&S)’ was Brymo’s third album and his very first as an independent act, the best thing about this project is that it actually read ‘Africa’, Brymo took up the role of an advocate, painting various scenarios that showed the picture of the on goings in Africa with specificity to Nigeria with elaborate poetry. MD&S might be Brymo’s best project yet, but he certainly isn’t settling down.

Brymo’s ear-worming music such as “Oleku”, “Ara” “Omoge Campus” “1 Pound” “If You Were Mine” “Fe Mi” “Duro” “Grand Pa” “Down” and “Purple Jar” to mention but a few, tell of an artist that is free and driven by originality yet respects tradition, as he pays tribute to his African roots. For a listener, you would tell he draws inspiration from the great legends such as Sunny Ade and Fela Kuti, but with a vivid drift to his own style, crowning his artistry with talent and mastery.

The award-winning artist is an excellent songwriter, performer with a catalog of rich soulful and poetic music; a fusion of r&b, soul, jazz, rock, electronic and Afrobeat with traditional sounds, taking us through that calm and sensual to brassy and raucous experience, with poetry that relate to Africa.

Brymo features on Ghanaian Hip Hop act M.anifest’s new album ‘No Where Cool’ his chorus glimmers lushness on the sizzling single “Sugar”, The artist’s first feature in quite a while and most recently wrote, performed and recorded “When You Fall” for the ‘Move and Dream’ movement, a tune that seeks to inspire Nigerian youth to seek more than dreams.

The restless artist released ‘Klĭtôrĭs’, in May, his new album that features incredible tracks like “Something Good Is Happening”“Dem Dey Go”, “Naked Ft. Esse”, “Ko’saya Mi”, “Alajọ Ṣomolu”, “Happy Memories”, “Billion Naira Dream”, “Mirage” and “The Girl From New York” part of the 11-track project, a compounded set of rhythm, artistry and poetry.

He has put out a new video for the song “Alajọ Ṣomolu” which is featured on the new album, the video sees him performing in a room stacked with records and vintage paraphernalia creating an sumptuous artistic scene.

Check out the video here:

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