UK group The British Collective releases new album “Vol. 1: The Renaissance Begins

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The British Collective has released their new album titled “Vol. 1: The Renaissance Begins”. The UK based band of five stellar artists, has been on a mission to bring soul back into the UK music scene and ‘keep it there’ as it were, through their music and experiences.

The unmistakable voices of Omar, Don-E, Junior Giscombe, Leee John and Noel McKoy form the collective of musicians whose soul influences have been part of the music scene for a while, not only in the United Kingdom but to the whole world. These veteran cats have been doing their thing for decades; each of them bearing unique abilities that have influenced a whole lot of other artists and impacted positively on the global music industry.

Their latest release focuses on rousing British Soul music and creating a new culture in the R&B music scene, the British music scene just like the rest of the world, has been filled with releases that seem to glorify profanity and inanity which is a benchmark for topping any music charts, as the love and the music-with-substance is swept under the rag.

The good thing is that there are various efforts within each country, among select groups of artists, who are interested in keeping the music alive, The British Collective who are well established entertainers with a campaign to re-ignite the SOUL are an indication that substance still matters in music.

As we enjoy the new album, we’ll be looking forward to more music from the fathers of UK soul music.

The 14-track album released September 2, is available on; iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay and hmv

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