Cabum Addresses Ghana Music Industry Issues In Hard-hitting Single

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Music and entertainment industry issues might be classified as universal but the worst of them are domestic. In Kenya for example, at the beginning of 2016 top band Elani claimed they were shortchanged by Music Copyright Society of Kenya an organization that is in charge of collecting royalties for artists, putting a negative tag on the organization.

Up to date, there is a lot of debate on issues around royalties and artists being shortchanged in the country.

In Ghana, Hip Hop act Cabum has also decided to speak his mind on issues affecting the West African nation’s music industry. Unlike Kenya’s Elani, he has not made a viral video but has decided to put his grievances in lyric form, Cabum addresses crucial issues that threaten the Ghanaian music industry in a hard-hitting hio hop track titled Ghana Music (Ay3 Woworae), where he appeals for effective change.

He takes issue with those who are in charge of the music industry but seem to have no clue of what they are doing.

By the way what we do with these lame people who can’t differentiate music genres?

Listen to Cabum articulate the various issues with Ghana music industry here:

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