Starred: We feature Kenyan group Cosmic Homies debut EP “Cosmic Homies O.N.E”

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When music sounds so pure and unobstructed, packed in an atmospheric compilation with that organic, rich eclectic soul, one may say I listened to the best piece of music in a while, and for those who let soul sprout in them this experience is not out of this world, but one you will want to be addicted to.

The Kenyan based group Cosmic Homies’ new project is just what you would need to give you that high albeit selectively, with tortuous moments of desire and satisfaction, climaxing to the mysteries that would seem unique to an individual’s taste.

The six-track EP takes off with an oceanic intro straggling to that lively wavy beat, expressions of how “Time Flies Bye”, the artists drop raps with that raggedy raptness winding to that get down dance, seconds then lead time to the polyrhythmic “Words Apart” the edgy and gushy second track from the collation, with deep lyrics which echo unique life intrigues and experiences. “Kilifornia” which buds an exotic feel, is an adventurous and hypnotizing track with thematically complex exploration of atmospheric sonic sound as the acts vibe about travels. “Too Lit” is a self-explanatory robust single from the four unique indigos throwing in that audacious swankiness. “Heart Restart” ropes in the horns that jazz-Hip Hop fusion.

The four artists: Taio, Runkah, Marushka and Kiwango deliver an artistically rich mixtape that is an exotic project with mysterious edgy polyrhythmic yet funky soulful, Afro and urban sounds, they define as electro-organic, and excellent songwriting that is equally simple with certain levels of complexities.

Check out their new release here:

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