Starred: Ugandan act JC Muyonjo new release “Kanoonye”

A lot of soul pours out of this young Ugandan singer’s chords, characterized by passionate expressions and simplicity, JC Muyonjo makes that expressive feel good music that portrays an artist who would deftly walk between soul and pop, at the same time blessing us with that nifty traditional sounds and class.

In April we featured the little known artist’s single “If We Try” which was a tune that spoke to the lost world we are forced to exist with, the single addressed a lot of happenings that have characterized African nations and other nations that one would be described as ‘unstable’.

Fast forward to today and Muyonjo has held his artistry with respect it deserves, his latest release “Kanoonye” a Luganda word that means “let me search”, is a love song that leans much to that pop approach with a loose tan of ‘new jack swing.’“Kanoonye” is a music gem that is obviously different from his earlier release by many aspects, but embedded in the guitarist’ personality.

The singer is searching for his love, he vows to do all he can to have her even travel across the world for that someone who will honestly love him, the smooth but and danceable tune is sang in English and Luganda, a tune that waves you through that thoughtful listening experience.

The new release will be the crooner’s 5th track on his upcoming “If We Try” EP which will be out soon. The soul singer has shared a lot about his music future based on the few releases he has put out up to now; for sure the future is bright for the gifted artist, singer and songwriter.

“Kanoonye” was produced by the visual artist himself and the equally talented Abaasa

Check out the track here:


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