Starred: New music from Kenyan singer Serro, “Rongai”

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Singer Serro is undoubtedly among talented artists from Kenya who are fusing the old and the new sounds from distinct and specific genres with that eclectic Afro Soul flavor.

Serro is an immensely talented artist, she has wowed a number of people from Kenya with her stunning performances, her music is sort of an ode to her distinctive voice and she certainly finds enough comfort in song. Serro’s career is just picking up and already she seems to be causing quite a stir in the music scene.

Her new single “Rongai” is about the tragedies of love, it picks off with a cinematic instrumental as she lines her vocals at moments that are intentionally parted with drums before they fade to the background. Then she gets to singing, as the drums guide the flow of the song with a sedative staccato reggae beat at some point before the keys take over with a calming drop to that jazzy atmosphere, then taking us back, to an old gem with a short rendition of a line from the legendary Kenyan musician Fundi Konde’s hit “Kipenzi Waniua Ua”.

Serro’s video depicts a story of two love birds, but in the end the lady discovers the man is a cheater, complimenting the lyrics on her simple but rich piece of music. The fascinating Kenyan “matatu” culture is also represented in the video which gives an ‘all’ artistic impression.

The audio was produced by Fancy Fingers and video directed by @vjone

Check out the video here:

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