Kenyan singer Phy drops video for her single “Taboo”

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Out of the Kenyan capital Nairobi comes another gem of music “Taboo” (Taabu) a single from the impressive singer Phy.

The wistful tune speaks of love, reflective of how much those in relationships hurt each other.

Phy’s style is an appreciation of what is almost familiar to the most authentic detail of the young singer’s rich assortment of techniques, when it comes to vocals, her dallied intonations bring the pain in the lyrics to perspective as her presence brings the ear-worming mellow composition to life.

Phy has put out visuals for “Taboo”, the video directed by Brainworks’ Moses Osidiana, picks up with a heart pulsation as she wanders along the streets than at moments the black and white video merges obscurity depicting a lost soul, singing until the night falls. The nifty details of skateboarders add an artistic expression to the whole video concept.

“Taboo” was released on the EnnovatorMusic label.

Check out the video here:

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