Uber now allows request for a cab without the App in India

Uber has unveiled a new site that allows users to hail a cab without the need for the famous application and pay for a ride in cash.

The new service which has been launched in India requires users to log onto the dual.Uber.Com and sign up using their mobile number, then request for a ride after checking the fare estimations, then the driver will respond to your request with a call to co-ordinate a pick-up. You would be able to pay the driver by cash once you have reached your destination.

The service is currently available in a select number of cities including; Nagpur, kochi, Guwahati and Jodhpur.

Uber has met a lot of resistance that included protests, since its inception in various countries including Cairo, Nairobi, London, and Paris among others, what remains to be seen is how the online transportation network company will succeed with the latest launch in an environment where they are beginning to face stiff competition, in this case India’s Ola.

The big question how successful will the new feature be and how would it work in the case of Africa?