Music Review: Spotlight on Vivian Olang’s “Busu Moja”, “Osiepna”

Good music is hard to come by these days, some say to find good music you have to look for it. I do agree with that thought. I’m always looking for music because the music that is readily available, sorry to say it’s just boring stuff, and if I listen to a song and it doesn’t please me I never get back to it, just like that never. So to feed my soul, I keep looking.

Vivian Olang is one of those artists whose music is not just good on the surface but goes beyond, it strums your soul and elevates you to that ‘let go’ state.

The Kenyan singer has released a couple of tunes that she has shared with her fans on various online platforms, such as; Busu Moja(One Kiss) and Osiepna(Friend) which have set her out as a talented musician, certainly a class above others.

Olang’s music is in between that classic RnB concept and that soul, and jazz, a mix-up of old and the new. Her infectious lush vocals glide on the laid-back tracks giving the song pauses that would make you either slow dance, tap your feet or just draw that smile on your face as you nod to the amazing production.

Speaking of production, her songs have been produced by the reputable pioneer Kenyan urban music producer Tedd Josiah. He is known to put out amazing music over the years and has worked and nurtured amazing talents from the East African music scene and beyond.

“Busu Moja” is a love song that is done predominantly in Swahili; the strings on this number plus the vocals are what make this track stand out, “Osiepna” sang in Luo on the other hand, chooses to hit straight with a heavy approach rhythm.

Olang has been in the music industry for a while now around 8 years according to her posts it has taken her two years to gather and produce material for her EP which going by the two records promises to be a hit. The music of course sounds like it is made for the mass.
The music has been released under Swa RnB Records.

Check out “Osiepna” here:


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