Uber services take off in Tanzania

Tanzania is now the latest East African country to receive the revolutionary Uber taxi services after Kenya.

Uber began operations in Dar es-Salaam June 16 after an announcement made the previous day. Uber businesses have received hostile reception in various cities across the world including Paris and Cairo, Johannesburg and even in the neighboring city Nairobi. The hostility towards Uber was over the fear that the entrance of the taxi services will cripple the already existing businesses. However it is expected that the services will be more ‘appreciated’ in the city.

Uber ride-hailing-services rely on mobile technology and are known to offer rather cheap services and security to customers. The cheap service option was among the reasons Uber was unwelcomed at first in several cities.

People in Dar es Salaam will receive free rides for about four days as Uber Tanzania Limited seeks to stake its claim in Tanzania. Tanzania becomes the 475th city to join the Uber community.

In other news, Uber has also launched UberEats a food delivering service in London which is likely to cause some disruption in the UK city’s food industry business.

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