Unknown Union Hires Yasiin Bey

South African clothing line has hired New-York born artiste Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def as its Creative Dirtector.

Bey will be working with Dr. Barbaro Martinez-Ruiz a key figure on African art. He is expected to help improve the menswear line with focus on ideas and collaborations. The company’s CEO Jason Storey, while announcing Bey’s new role, expressed optimism that the brand will succeed with the help of the “Mathematics” rapper.

Yasiin Bey, who has lived in the African nation for the past five years, has in recent past had issues with the South African government after he was arrested for failing to present an authorized passport. The rapper is said to have produced a World Passport a document not recognized under South African laws prompting his arrest.

The artiste is likely to face challenges even as he takes up his new role since his immigration problems are yet to be resolved, but trust an artiste to make it.