Technics 1200 Turntable Is Back: The Triumph Of Vinyl

Panasonic has announced the release of the limited edition Grand Class SL-1200GAE and Grand Class Technics SL-1200G turntables.

Technics turntables are revered by many professional DJs for their torque and direct-drive platter that ensures high performance.

Panasonic has not tampered with the overall design of these excellent turntables but has made a few improvements to the interior mechanics of the product. Panasonic decided to drop the iron core in the new SL-1200G which was blamed for speed fluctuations in the previous models. The vibrations are now suppressed by processor-controlled sensors.

Technics makers released only 1200 units for the limited edition Grand Class SL-1200GAE, a premium version which comes with magnesium housing. The rather cheaper model the SL-1200G will be available towards the end of 2016.

The Technics comeback coincides with the rising number of vinyl sales throughout the world thanks to enthusiastic record collectors. In October, 2015 Time reported that vinyl record revenues had surpassed free streaming services like Spotify and is music’s fastest growing segment.

The last version of the Technics turntable the MK6 was released in 2008.