Amakula International Film Festival Returns To Uganda

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From March 16 to 20th the Amakula International Film Festival will be the talk of town in the Uganda’s capital city Kampala.

The film festival which is back after a two year break, brings together film enthusiasts from all over the world.

German silent film pianist Stephan von Bothmer is scheduled to stage a live interpretation of the Charli Chaplin Film Dog’s Life at the 10th edition of the film fest.

The film festival is presented by Bayimba Cultural Foundation in partnership with Kampala film school, Uganda museum and Goethe Zentrum Kampala.

The festival which is Uganda’s oldest independent film festival aims to develop audiences and push for access to quality African film productions.

So if you are a film buff and would like to get exposure to the good stuff from and around Africa then Amakula Film Festival in Kampala is the place to be.

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