Pain For Investors as Smartphone sales decline

Samsung has announced a slight dip in sales last quarter.

Samsung, the South Korean giant attributes this to the ‘slow demand’ for phones and high marketing costs. Samsung says it expects a single digit percentage growth in 2016.

Android-based mobile phone companies have in recent past found it difficult to convince consumers to buy new phones, especially in the western markets amid stiff competition.

Following the apparent decline in sales, companies like HTC, Sony and Apple have announced plans to up their game in 2016 by flooding the markets with ‘trendy’, ‘new’, ‘competitive devices’ with the aim of registering massive sales. The issue however is, many consumers see no need of ‘upgrading’ their phones when the ones they have work perfectly.

Smartphone companies have unlimited options when it comes to innovation, what remains to be seen is how they adopt them for the market. Some companies may lose out.


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