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Season two of the AMC’s TV series Better Call Saul premiered this week Monday February 15, the first episode titled “Switch”

is an indication of a gradual transition to breaking bad for Jimmy McGill played by Bob Odenkirk. Many expected to see Jimmy turn into Saul Goodman in this episode; however, the makers of the show seem to have slowed things down.

The lawyer is definitely going to go back to his old ways when he used to be a con-artist. We also know that he has broke ties with his brother, the lawyer has accepted that he is not a “goodman” even though he tried only to be shut down and in the end betrayed by his own brother.

In the premier of the second season-which has some fastfoward moments-the lawyer still has a good relationship with his lawyer friend Kim, their relationship has even developed to “friends with benefits”. They are actually good together. Jimmy even introduces Kim to one of his scams which is also a revelation of Kim’s bad side, when she decides to go along with the idea of scamming Ken.
“Switch” has an unhappy Jimmy in some best moments of his life, he even gets a job, that comes with a good package, as a corporate lawyer at Davis and Main.

Jimmy status as a corporate lawyer as we know is not going to last, he definitely wants more as it were in Breaking Bad but when are the creators of the series going to let the guy transition to the impressive character Saul Goodman we admired in Breaking Bad? Probably because the Kim character is still being revealed to us…but it’s a game of wait and see.

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