Dela Has New Single Out

Kenya’s Afro-Pop queen Dela releases new single ‘Third Party Lover’.

‘Third Party Lover’ comes at the back drop of Dela’s two successful hits ‘Mafeelings’ and her Swahili version of Adele’s ‘Hello’ that have taken Africa by storm.

The dance tune speaks of relationship complications; ‘I don’t wanna be a third party lover/Third party lover/ You say I’m second to none/Me don’ wanna be a third party lover/ Third party lover/You shoulda left me in the first place’ she sings, in the chorus, in protest to being a side chic.<br><br>The song has an up-tempo dance-pop beat accompanied by Dela’s impeccable vocals guaranteed to get you on your feet.

Produced by Cedo, under Taurus Musik.

Check out the video:

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