Ugandan JC Muyonjo chucks out amazing soulful tune “If We Try”

Not much is known about the incredible Ugandan singer JC Muyonjo, which makes you wonder what do people actually listen to?

JC Muyonjo is an artist extraordinaire apart from being a singer and songwriter he is also a visual artist.

“If We Try” is the artists latest recording, it speaks to the negativity and dysfunctional world we live in, the single might not be an all politics kind of track but the messages therein speak to the happenings in Uganda and as is the rest of the world even as he makes references to Somalia, Syria, the singer calls upon each individual to work towards making a difference not just wishing things were done for them.

The Kampala based guitarist’s music is mostly in between neosoul, r&b and jazz, which he balances with some hip hop, folk and Afro-beat his earlier releases include “My Father” which he featured Ruyonga and Abaasa.

The artist is reportedly planning an EP to be released soon.

Check out more of his music at soundcloud.com/jessy-muyon

Listen to JC Muyonjo’s “If We Try Here”

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